How I Successfully a Job in the USA from India

How I Successfully Landed a Job in the USA from India: My Journey Unveiled

How I Successfully a Job in the USA from India
How I Successfully a Job in the USA from India


Welcome, readers! In this blog post, I’m excited to share my personal journey of securing a job in the United States all the way from India. As
software developer, the opportunity came to me unexpectedly, and today, I want to take you through the entire process from the initial recruiter call to my first day in the US.

The Surprise Opportunity

It all began in juke 2022 while I was working in India. One day, after returning from work, I found a message on link din from a US-based recruiter
about a job opportunity at Amazon in the US. This ease surprising as I hadn’t applied for the position, nor was I currently employed at Amazon.


The L1B Visa Revelation

During the call with the recruiter, I learned that I qualified for an L1B Visa, which is an intra-company transfer visa for individuals with specialized knowledge. Despite not currently working at Amazon, my prior experience at Amazon India made me eligible for this visa. I researched the L1 visa requirements and found that having worked outside the US for at least one continuous year within the previous three years made me eligible


The Application Process

After expressing my interest, the application process kicked off. I received a link to apply for the US role and subsequently faced a 2-hour long online coding test. Successfully clearing this test marked my progression to the interview stage.


Interview Preparation and Rounds

To prepare for the interviews, I dedicated three weeks to revising fundamental data structures and algorithms. The interviews, all scheduled on the same day, consisted of coding rounds and a system design round. Amazon’s emphasis on behavioral questions, aligned with its leadership principles, played a significant role in the evaluation process.


The Job Offer and Negotiation

After a nerve-wracking wait, I received the news that I successfully cleared the interviews for the Software Development Engineer (SD2) role. The offer discussion phase began, where I had the opportunity to choose my preferred job location in the US. Seattle, being Amazon’s headquarters, was my top choice. Salary expectations were also discussed and negotiated based on market benchmarks.


Visa and Relocation Process

With the offer in hand, the visa and relocation process commenced. I attended a visa interview where questions about my stay, salary, and specialized knowledge were posed. After passing the interview, my visa arrived, and I updated my joining date. Amazon facilitated the relocation process, covering expenses for travel and accommodation.


The Journey to the USA

In November, I embarked on a flight to Seattle, marking my first time leaving India. The relocation package included temporary accommodation, a rental car, and a relocation bonus. A minor hiccup in the onboarding process led to a delayed start date, allowing me extra time to settle in and explore Seattle.


Exploring Other Avenues

While my journey involved an L1B Visa, there are three other common ways to secure a job in the US for non-US citizens. These include the H1 Visa (through a lottery system), the F1 Visa for students in STEM fields, and the challenging path of obtaining a green card.



In conclusion, my journey from India to the US was a challenging yet rewarding experience. If you have any question or specific topics you’d like
me to cover in Future videos, feel free to let me know in the comments. Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I look forward to sharing more insights in the future!



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